Aug 29, 2010

she breathes

I wonder if there is anyone still out there?

If there is, I have to tell you, life is amazing and as usual, rocketing forward, full steam ahead. However, I'm working on slowing it down, and gaining focus. Releasing the bad bumpy bits, and revelling in the blissfull bits!

We've had a bit of  career change here at old Red Ducks. I am currently undertaking a dipolma of remedial massage, and plan to open my own business, concentrating on remedial, relaxation, aromatherapy and hot stone massage, incorperating reflexology as well. I've decided to call the business Aeracure Therapies. Areacure is the goddess devoted to blossoming, putting our goals and challanges into perspective, reminding us that the our journey is part of the adventure of life, and I'm all about the journey! So, Areacure Therapies is born! (Aeracure is pronounce air-a-cure-a) Loads of a way to go, but I am enjoying this particular journey very much!

There has been limited crafting. A bit of sewing, some knitting, and lots of planning, but I have two quilts in the works, one of which is almost done, the other a kit that was made up for me by the lovely ladies a Amitie. But mainly it's about the oils here! I do have to take pictures, soon though.

Groovy's has a life of it's own, but I she's still with me 24/7! And you know what? I'm ok with that. I've done a number of barista courses, and am looking to do a few more.

Well just a quicke for you tonight.


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