Mar 16, 2010

Breathe easy...

I have 3 aromatherapy burners and humidifiers on in the house with Breathe Easy oil blend going.....bloody colds, but they seem to be working. So our bedroom humi will be going tonight with the good ol' BE, it might stop someone snoring.....

Anyways, this sickness, confined couch time and series 5 of Grand Design on DVD, does bring productivity, and help from a very slow computer uploading my pics (I think I maybe due for a newbie.....) and another crochet scarf flew off the hook, all 7mm crappy cheap plastic of it (the hook that is. Clover doesn't make my fave hook that big).

Tea Scarf by Pixeldiva
Cleckheaton Kaleidoscope, Col20
2 balls, @ 50g each, 65m each.
7mm hook

Maybe it's time to cut out some sewing patterns?

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