Mar 23, 2010

a productive cough

I've been sick for most of the week, just a cold, but with a nagging, stop-you-in-your-tracks cough. Which sucks the life out of me. Plus the little man has been quite ill with a dodgy bowel, currently under investigation, which is making him very sick and lethargic. To put it bluntly, he looks like crap. And it kills me when he wakes up sick and says to me, "Mum, I'm so tired of feeling sick all the time!". But we are getting to the (LOL!) bottom of it, and hopefully things will improve, because he's missing too much school! So we have been holed up at home two days out of five, hence the production of finished objects! But now for some WIP's!

I found this fabric at Spotlight a couple of weeks ago. I do a nursing shift every three weeks on a Saturday, and the hospital's just up the road from Spotty,(Up to 40mins either side of where I live, that one's the smaller one) so of course it makes sense, complete sense, to drop in on the way home, doesn't it? This fabric was $2m, and  think it's winter lawn? Not what I'd normally buy, but it was, like $4. Hmm. It's so soft and it was prewahed in that nice new Surf Twilight Sensations range of liquids...Anyways, I saw a vision of a top, with an undershirt in winter and a grey scarf, black jeans and boots. I had this pattern, from Indygo Junction, Garden Party Pullover, and it is seriously going together like a dream. Except I don't have the thread for the topstitching. The fit is perfect, a slight alteration to the side seam, but overall a good fit. I'll finish it today, when I get the thread....

Also on the cutting table (oi, too low, my back is killing me, Iwant a better one!) is my new light winter coat, version one. Also an Indygo Junction pattern, this is an unlined trench coat, Midtown Trench, and I'm sewing it with Denyse Schmidt furnishing weight fabric I got from Candelberry Country (which is for sale, and I'd love to buy it!!!) I'm so excited about this jacket and already have plans for another coat in a gorgeous red furnishing weight I picked up from Spolight in Fountain Gate. But once again, I don't have matching thread for top stitching! Yet.

This stash also came home from Spotlight, because I have a few gift orders for a few scarves. Plus some grey, for me, for the top up there! And I've got some malabrigo itching to become a Destroyed Cowl. (Rav Link)

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