Mar 3, 2010

a glimpse of my home

My favourite corner of my home at the moment

I've been working on this corner for a while, one of the last places in my new home, trying to find the right things to put in it.

It started with the print, it's called Rains, by an artist in Sydney, who apparently is an ex-monk.Anyways I love that the little character in it is collecting the rain in his umbrella, rather than taking cover. Kind of what I am atempting to do in my life, take control.

The clock is a bakelight alarm clock Ipicked up for a couple of dollars at a fete, and the ampersand is papermache, which I plan to collage on.

It all sits atop my nanna's singer sewing machine, which thankfully was not in the Callignee house last February.

It's warm today, I just mowed the grass dirt. Now I have dust down my cleavage!

1 comment:

  1. I have a corner like yours.... that makes me happy when I look at it! A home should be full of places like that.. and things.. that make us happy! xox