Mar 16, 2010

Crochet: The answer to the UFO blues.....

I haven't been able to produce any finished yarn stuff for

But a recent browse through Spotlight and a liking to the soft buttery yellow of Moda Vera's Mousse saw me wanting an Anne Scarf. A few evenings and some intensive rainy Labour Day weekend knitting in the van at Shallow inlet helped me produce this.

I adore it so....Especially with my fave accessories by ELK

And what quick finishing love it produced, flowed onto this;

A Malabrigo Worsted ruffle scarf, using Erika Knight's Essntial Crochet pattern and just a scant less of a full skein of Sealing Wax

Again with another ELK favourite.

Of course I'm crocheting another! And it's sad that while I've been waiting for Flickr and Blogger to upload my pics, I'm half way through it.

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  1. Aaaaaaargh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red one you disgustingly clever chicken!!