Mar 5, 2010

what are you wearing?

My boyfriend (oh, yeah, my fiancé) says that he knows when I've had a crap day, because I'm either eating chocolate or I've been shopping. I am trying to loose some wieght, so shopping is my poison. I've worked a few nursing casual shifts, so I've splurged. Anyways, in the spirit of sharing, this is what I wore yesterday. And yes, I have not made the bed.

shirt : Suzanne Grae (last winter)
vest : Sussan (my splurge item. In my defence I had a $50 voucher)
jeans : Target ~ yes they need ironing
shoes: RMK (happy shoes = smile : new shoes = bloody big blisters)

And today, this ensemble...although in all honesty, I'll be swapping the shoes for thongs, cos those blisters, OUCH! Oh look, I made the bed!

tops: Vigorella Body wear (Worn. To. Death.) last seasons nylon body wear, undershirt and tunic.
vest: Boo Radley (crochet round the top, so nice!)
jeans: Target again...(although I am so tempted by this offer)
shoes: Potland (no website? They are black "April" heels, very, very comfy!)

Also some happy mail. I'm loving the Ceylon dress, by Colette Patterns. I'm cutting out the paper pattern this weekend. No ideas for fabric yet though. Lots of paper cutting this weekend. Also some swedish tracing paper cutting too. I love the skirt on the front of Stitches. And the Kwik Sew pattern, the sleevless version is similar to a Vigorella jacket I love, so 'that's one for the "gotta make NOW!" pile...yep, it's a big pile!

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